Online fiction

This site is all about stories. Here you'll find a wide sampling of my fiction, in multiple categories:

Live novels, aka "writing fiction in public":

I use this site to post rough drafts and previews of many of my upcoming novels and works-in-progress, usually on a chapter-by-chapter, or scene-by-scene basis. 

Current live novel in progress: THE HORSEMAN (a dark fantasy/horror novel)

I also read my fiction on YouTube!

Visit my YouTube channel to listen to selected readings of my new stories.

Excerpts of available novels:

Previously published short stories...FREE for you to read and enjoy on this blog:

The Red Devil: a dark suspense tale set in El Paso, Texas
The Wasp: God made the bee, but the Devil made the wasp.
The Girl She Used to Be: Where has Jim's old flame been for all these years? Why is she suddenly back now?
Gaia Cried Out: When Kara Teller met Nicholas Naretti, she thought she'd met the man of her dreams. But Nicholas Naretti was not what he appeared to be.
Mr. Robbie's Secret: Shortly after mysterious-looking men begin to appear near  his school, Tyler Beckman's favorite teacher disappears without a trace.  
The Dreams of Lord Satu: A sci-fi horror tale

Serializations of previously published novels:

Lilith: Someone is killing the men who use dating websites in Ohio. 

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Stop back often, because I'm always adding new story content!