I write mostly novels and short stories, including the ones listed below. (For more information on specific books, please see the individual book pages, which you can access via the tabs above.)


  • Eleven Miles of Night
  • Termination Man
  • Blood Flats
  • Hay Moon and Other Stories: Sixteen Modern tales of Horror and Suspense

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Before I started writing fiction full-time, I also wrote some non-fiction books on various topics. (Language learning, business, and history have always been particular interests of mine.)

General Non-fiction:

  • B2B Sales: an Insider's Guide to Organizational Selling
  • Japanese Culture from A to Z: Business, History, Politics, Sex & More
  • Understanding the Middle East: History, Religion, and the Clash of Cultures 
  • Why You Need a Foreign Language and How to Learn One

Language Learning (for specific languages)

  • Modern Japanese Vocabulary
  • Falling in Love with Carp
  • Tigers, Devils and Fools: A Guide to Japanese Proverbs
  • Japanese Compound Words
  • Japanese Word Power
  • Chinese Business Vocabulary in a Hurry

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