About Edward Trimnell

Hello. I’m an author of suspense fiction, spanning the genres of crime, thriller, fantasy, and horror. I’ve written more than ten novels and dozens of short stories. 

When writing thrillers, I specialize in placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations. BLOOD FLATS is a novel about a young ex-marine in rural Kentucky who is framed for a double homicide. TERMINATION MAN is a thriller novel about violent intrigue in the corporate boardroom. 

My contemporary fantasy novel, THE MAZE, places three corporate employees in an office building that is actually a portal to another world--one that is both wonderful and deadly.

I’m an old-school horror writer: I like spooky settings, sympathetic protagonists, and lots of good, clean scares. Readers have praised my supernatural thriller ELEVEN MILES OF NIGHT for delivering many sleepless nights. This is the story of a young filmmaker who gets a big break of sorts: He is hired to document supernatural phenomena along a stretch of road that is dangerously haunted.

12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN is a coming-of-age, supernatural suspense novel set in 1980. It’s a novel about three junior high students who go out for “one last Halloween” as they make the leap from childhood to adolescence. But what awaits them this year is a supernatural journey through a haunted suburban landscape.

For updates on my latest projects and news of upcoming releases, please check this blog often. You can also check out my YouTube channel, where I read sample chapters of my novels, and complete short stories.