Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Online chapters of BLOOD FLATS


**An ex-marine framed for murder. A gun-blazing chase through rural Kentucky, as he battles meth dealers and hitmen in a fight to clear his name.**

Lee McCabe is a young ex-marine who has just returned home from Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

All he wants is to live in peace and get on with his future.

But Hawkins County, Kentucky, has changed in Lee's absence. A network of ruthless drug dealers with connections to the big-city mafia now terrorizes Lee’s neighbors.

Lee, of course, cannot resist getting involved. But when he is wrongly accused of a drug-related double homicide, he goes on the run. He does battle with the drug dealers and the mafia men behind them. He also evades a local sheriff who holds a very personal grudge against him.

BLOOD FLATS is a modern-day western set in Kentucky. It's a wild ride filled with gun battles, heroes, and some very bad men.

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