Sunday, May 13, 2018

A new start for my YouTube channel

Yesterday I wrote about some of the changes I've witnessed at YouTube over the past year. I also talked a bit about some of the successes and challenges my own YouTube channel has faced. 

Since I began my video readings on YouTube in 2016, I've purchased some new software and equipment that vastly improves both the video and audio experience. 

I've also had some time to think about how a fiction author should be using the YouTube format. 

And then I got to thinking: Why not blow up my whole YouTube channel, and start over?

So that's what I did: I deleted all 400+ videos from my channel. I'm starting over during the upcoming week. Here's what you can expect moving forward:

I will still be reading my existing (as in already published) novels and short stories. So look for new video serializations of '12 Hours of Halloween', 'Eleven Miles of Night, 'Blood Flats', etc.

I'll be reading from novel and short story projects that are in-process (not yet published). 

I'll also be reading some new serials that I've been developing especially for online serialization. These are structured as 6- to 15-minute "episodes". The model here is television: Each episode will have a complete story arc, and be connected to a larger story arc. 

Finally, I'll be adding commentary before and after each reading. 

Once again, this is a lesson learned from the TV format. When you tune into an episode of 'The Americans' or 'Hawaii Five-O', a narrator first brings you up to speed on what happened last time. Each episode closes with a brief teaser about the next episode. 

Anyway, it should be fun. Stay tuned for more details. 

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