Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Writing excuses and hockey

I tried to work on the outline for my next fiction project last night while I watched game #4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. But it's almost impossible for me to focus on much else when I'm engrossed in a hockey game. Mostly I just watched hockey.

The Predators won the game, 4-1; but I remain hopeful of a final victory for the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

I'm not a sports blogger, but I have one comment: Hello, Nashville refs? 

Throughout the game, the Predators were committing grievous acts of slashing, tripping, and unnecessary roughing, with nary a word from the referees. They continued their flagrant bullying of Crosby. P.K. Subban was out of control.

Granted, hockey is a contact sport; but the refs shouldn't allow a game to degenerate into a one-sided street brawl, because they don't want to call penalties on their home team.

End of rant. Now, back to my fiction projects--until game #5, that is.

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