Thursday, June 1, 2017

Headlines, and the head collector of 12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has been fired from CNN for posting a photo on social media in which she appears to behead US President Donald Trump.

There are a lot of takeaways here: the coarsening effects of the Internet on our culture, the need that many celebrities feel to push the boundaries of "edgy" ever and ever further in order to stay relevant. 

And then there is the almost pathological degree of hatred that some quarters of our society feel toward our current commander-in-chief.

But when I saw that macabre photo of Kathy Griffin, with what was supposed to be the severed head of Donald Trump, the first association that came to my mind was that of the head collector in my novel, 12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN.

12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN is a coming-of-age supernatural thriller set in 1980. On Halloween night, three adolescent friends journey out for "one last Halloween”, in which they hope to enjoy the festivities of trick-or-treat for one final time.

But the suburban landscape they encounter is an unexpected one, and one that they have never encountered before. Their Ohio neighborhood has suddenly become a haven for ghosts, vampires, and other malevolent entities.

One of these entities is the head collector. The head collector is a vaguely humanoid creature that walks the earth, taking heads as he goes. He carries a long machete, and a large sack in which he stores his grisly trophies. 

Perhaps Kathy Griffin has aspirations of becoming a head collector, too, I thought, when I read about the recent controversy.

The head collector is real. He can sometimes be seen stalking suburban neighborhoods late at night, when the conditions are just right.

If you would like to meet the head collector, and the other creatures in 12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN, you can listen to my readings of the book on my YouTube channel. 

The book is also available on Amazon.

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