Friday, May 19, 2017

The battle with the ghostly tree: conclusion

Reading #44 of 12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN: In this episode, Jeff endures the last moments of his battle with the ghostly tree.

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I saw that Leah was looking up at some new development, and so I looked up, too. Against the moonlit sky, I could see several of the oak tree’s huge branches gradually bending downward, as if long-dormant and stiffened joints were being exerted into action. The bending motion was slow, and it was accompanied by much cracking overhead; but it was happening.
I had been in this spot too long already, I suddenly realized. Without so much as another glance at the tree, the newly exposed back yard, or the open gate, I bolted back in the direction of my friends...
I was halfway to Leah when I heard a particularly sharp series of cracks and a loud whooshing sound. 
“Jeff!” Leah screamed. “Duck!”