Friday, May 19, 2017

Roger Ailes, 1940 - 2017

I don't have any comments on the recent controversies at Fox News, nor indeed on Fox News itself. Those are other topics for other days.

The Roger Ailes I first met (figuratively, of course) had nothing to do with Fox News, because the network didn't exist yet.

I was a college student when I discovered Roger Ailes's book on personal communications: You Are the Message: Getting What You Want by Being Who You Are (1989). Books of that kind were relatively rare in those days, and I snapped it up.

As an early twenty-something making the transition into full adulthood, I found You Are the Message to be insightful and extremely helpful. I was just then beginning my first round of job interviews, and the book served as an invaluable resource. 

Whatever else happened (or didn't happen) in more recent years, that is the Roger Ailes I'll always remember: the author whose book helped me with my college job interviews.

Roger Ailes, 77, RIP