Friday, May 26, 2017

Remembering veterans on Memorial Day

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We should take a break now, however, to give thanks to all veterans as the U.S. heads into the Memorial Day weekend. 

I will freely admit that I never served in the military. This wasn't a deliberate choice on my part, really, but rather a default one. 

I came of military age as the Cold War was winding down, but before the war on Islamic terrorism heated up. My parents were able to help me with college costs, so I did not have a pressing financial need to take advantage of the military's educational benefits.

I sometimes regret that I did not serve. To serve in the U.S. military is to put yourself on the line for freedom, and yes, against the bad guys--whether we're talking about the communists of the Cold War, or the jihadis of the War on Terror. That is no small thing; and anyone who interrupts their life for two or four or twenty years to stand on the line for freedom deserves our gratitude. 

So on this Memorial Day, let's not forget to thank the vets who are still with us, and remember the ones who aren't. 

Best wishes to all presently serving U.S. Armed Forces...and perdition to their enemies. 

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