Friday, May 12, 2017

Recent book haul: 'Alfred Hitchcock: a Brief Life'

I recently purchased Peter Ackroyd's biography of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. I ordered it from Amazon (as is the case with most of my book purchases nowadays) and it arrived yesterday. I am looking forward to digging into it.

Why Hitchcock? I'm a fan of Hitchcock's movies, although they were all released long before I was old enough to see them in the cinema. Most of Hitchcock's films have a somewhat campy appearance when viewed today; but the late director's use of pacing, camera angle, etc. were masterful. 

I wish Hitchcock were alive today. I can only imagine what he would do with modern filmmaking technologies.

Why Peter Ackroyd? I've long been a fan of Peter Ackroyd, having read his histories of England and his biography of British author Wilkie Collins, who was a Charles Dickens contemporary. 

If you want an easily digestible chunk of history or biography, Peter Ackroyd is da bomb, as they say.