Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Never-before-published stories on Youtube in May

Below is the most recent welcome/introductory video for my YouTube channel. 

There aren't many fiction authors telling their stories on YouTube at present, so what I’m doing is somewhat “experimental”, to say the least.

Nevertheless, I believe that YouTube has solid long-term potential for authors. Video is an excellent way for an author to share his or her stories with existing and potential readers. 

If you aren't yet familiar with my stories, I would invite you to peruse my YouTube videos for samples of my suspense fiction. 

Since last summer, I’ve been reading from my already published novels, including BLOOD FLATS, ELEVEN MILES OF NIGHT, and 12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN.

This month, I’ll be starting something new: I’m going to read from a work-in-progress, called THE EAVESDROPPER. 

THE EAVESDROPPER is a workplace conspiracy thriller, like my earlier novel, TERMINATION MAN. 

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