Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Corporate/workplace conspiracy thrillers galore

Do you like corporate thrillers? Workplace conspiracy thrillers?

You've come to the right place.

My ongoing serial, THE EAVESDROPPER, continues over at my YouTube channel.

The plan is to serialize THE EAVESDROPPER on YouTube first, and then publish the book in ebook and paperback form on Amazon.

If you're enjoying THE EAVESDROPPER and would like to try something similar from me, you might check out my earlier corporate thriller, TERMINATION MAN.

TERMINATION MAN is a novel about a corporate business consultant with a unique specialty: He goes undercover in workplaces, and manipulates "problem employees" into compromising situations, where they will be forced to resign.

There is a lot more to TERMINATION MAN, of course: the snake pits of office politics, a dash of sex, and even a murder mystery. (You can read a sample on the book's Amazon description page, and then download a larger sample to your Kindle.)

If you've been looking for a thriller in a cubicle farm near you, start by listening to THE EAVESDROPPER, and then try TERMINATION MAN.

Oh, and one last thing...TERMINATION MAN is presently enrolled in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, so you can even read it for FREE if you're subscribed to the service.

And even if you're not, the Kindle book is priced dirt cheap. So what are you waiting for?

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