Thursday, April 20, 2017

The inspiration behind OUR HOUSE

This is the new "from the author" blurb on the book's Amazon description page:

A few years back, I heard a (true) story about a young couple purchasing their first home. The American dream come true.

There was only one problem: The owner of the house was a middle-aged couple, and the wife didn't want to sell the home. She had an obsession with the house, in fact.

The realtor advised the young couple to back out of the sale, suggesting that the middle-aged woman might be dangerous.

The young couple didn't listen. They pushed forward and bought the home.

After the young couple moved in, strange things began to happen: Threatening messages were scrawled on the driveway. There were petty acts of vandalism in the middle of the night…

Creepy! I thought.

That story formed the seed of OUR HOUSE. In this novel, you’ll meet the Hubers, a charming couple in their early thirties. The Hubers and their young son move into the house at 1120 Dunham Drive.

And you’ll also meet the Vennekamps: the middle-aged couple who used to own that same house.

Deborah Vennekamp doesn't want to let go of the house at 1120 Dunham Drive. 

Because the house at 1120 Dunham Drive holds some very deadly secrets. 

These are secrets that Mrs. Vennekamp wants to remain buried, and she’ll do anything to frighten the new owners away.