Thursday, April 20, 2017

The inspiration behind LILITH

This is the new "from the author" blurb on the book's Amazon description page:

LILITH is a ultimately a novel about the practice of “catfishing”, only with a deadly twist.

The idea for LILITH came from the following question: What would happen if a serial killer started preying on men who use online dating websites? 

The serial killer would, of course, begin by dangling the profile of a beautiful woman in front of her victims. She would target men who were socially awkward, and therefore, eager to believe the online ruse.

LILITH is a police procedural and a murder mystery.

But it’s also a tale about wishful thinking, and how loneliness can make people vulnerable, sometimes with deadly results.

Join Detective Alan Grooms of the Ohio Department of Criminal Investigations (ODCI), as he and his partners pursue the serial killer called “Lilith”… first across the Internet, and then through the dark underworld of Cincinnati, Ohio.