Monday, April 24, 2017

The autopsy: LILITH: Chapter 3 reading

From my YouTube channel: a reading of Chapter 3 of LILITH:

Dr. Arthur Koenig was in his late fifties. Koenig wore a beard like that of the late C. Everett Koop, the U.S. Surgeon General under President Reagan. Despite his idiosyncratic facial hair, Dr. Koenig was one of the best forensic pathologists in the region. Alan had worked with Koenig on a number of cases. Alan was relieved when he learned that Koenig had been assigned the autopsy of Robert Billings. It was the morning after Grooms’ late-night drive to the home of the murdered man, and he was running on fumes due to sleep deprivation.
Dr. Koenig was silent as he dug the slug from Robert Billings’ head. Robert Billings’ body lay naked on the examination table, surrounded by the antiseptic smells and cool temperatures of one of the autopsy rooms in the Hamilton County Coroner’s building. 
Although the rest of the body had been examined, the autopsy was focused on the bullet wound, the obvious cause of death. There was no other damage to Robert Billings’ body—no marks that would suggest a fight, or the forceful restraint of a man who knew that death was near. And the blood work, rushed through the lab in the wee hours of the morning, showed no signs of incapacitating chemicals. 
According to all the forensic evidence available thus far, Robert Billings had undergone no trauma at all, until someone had shot him in the head and instantly ended his life.
There had been no exit wound, leading Alan to believe that Lilith had killed Billings with a small caliber like a .22. Moreover, a .22 had been used in the previous killings....