Saturday, April 1, 2017

Suburban lots of the undead: 12 Hours of Halloween, Reading #36

From my YouTube channel: In this episode, the suburban front yard on either side of Jeff, Bobby, and Leah, burst open to reveal the undead. 

As more of the bodies worked their way free, we could see that most of them were adults—presumably older adults. (It was impossible to discern the death ages of many of them, rotted as they were.) But there were also some children among them—youths our age and younger, who had been prematurely culled from the ranks of the living. They were especially insistent in their pleas to us. 
So far, none of these undead had managed to pull or push completely free of the earth that bound them. They did not seem to threaten us in the same way that the bear did (and as other entities would, before the night was over), but there was something about their insistence that might have overwhelmed us. 
At the age of twelve, I was only just beginning to understand the nature of my life force, how the desire to live, interact, take, and give impelled me. I was at the beginning of that journey, and these wretched creatures clawing their way through the mud had long since ended it.
They weren’t evil, but they were jealous of us; they would have to be. They had once been like us, and look at them now.... 

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