Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Incredible Horror Box Set!

Two Chilling Novels, a Creepy Novella, and 16 Tales of Terror!

This INCREDIBLE HORROR BOX SET includes four complete books of horror by master of suspense fiction, Edward Trimnell:

12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN: A NOVEL:  On Halloween 1980, three young friends go out for "one last Halloween" in a suburb that becomes a surreal landscape of terror.

ELEVEN MILES OF NIGHT: A NOVEL: A young filmmaker takes a walk down the most haunted road in Ohio. Hellhounds, malevolent ghosts, demons, and more!

LUK THEP: A HORROR NOVELLA:  A gripping international horror tale. Jane Hughes is an American executive who is pursued by a vengeful ghost from Thailand.

HAY MOON AND OTHER STORIES: SIXTEEN MODERN TALES OF HORROR AND SUSPENSE: Zombies, vampires, forest creatures, sharks, aliens, and dangerous humans. Sixteen unforgettable stories!

I thought it was time to put together a horror box set. I wanted to make this the biggest, baddest, horror box set available. 

There is a wide range of stories here. (You can check out the individual titles on Amazon for more information about each one.) And the price of the box set offers a very steep discount, compared to buying them individually.

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