Saturday, March 18, 2017

Reading Chapter 1 of BLOOD FLATS, my Kentucky crime novel

From my YouTube channel, reading Chapter 1 of BLOOD FLATS:

Heart-pounding action in the heart of rural Kentucky! Lee McCabe, an ex-marine and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, must do battle with local narcotics traffickers, mafia hit men, and a lawman with ulterior motives.

On the morning that he became a fugitive from justice, Lee McCabe awoke with two persistent sensations in his consciousness. The first was the sound that Apache helicopters make when they land in the desert, and how the dust swirls beneath them as they raise up little tornados of sand. The second was the smell of a woman’s strawberry shampoo.
As he struggled awake—alone in the small bedroom of his rented trailer—Lee realized that the sound was not that of an Apache helicopter but the rumbling of an approaching motor vehicle. Sounds carried a long way this far from town, especially on a Saturday morning. 
He resisted the notion that the approaching car or truck might be something to worry about. He was still overly cautious, he knew. What else could he expect after two years of living in a war zone? ....