Tuesday, March 28, 2017

For Stephen King/horror fans: Graves open in suburbia!

From my YouTube channel: Reading #35 of 12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN:

HORROR set in the suburbs of Ohio in 1980

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"....The formerly grassy spaces of the surrounding yards were churning—with mud, and with human bodies that were struggling to reach the surface. We could see hands, torsos, and faces that were still mostly caked with mud. 
Just a few paces from us, the body of an elderly woman broke through the mud. She was wearing a formal dress—the kind of dress that she might have been buried in—and half the skin on her face was gone. Her fingers, grasping toward us in the night air, were skeletal.
“Help me!” she pleaded.
“What the hell?” Bobby cried out.
I understood, as I had been the one to intuitively understand so much of what had happened over the past several days. These were the restless dead who were coming back for the night. The dead who were not content to move on, the dead who still craved life and the living..."

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