Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reading 'Guilty Minds' by Joseph Finder

I'm presently reading Joseph Finder's Washington D.C. intrigue novel, Guilty Minds. This is the story of a chief justice who is the target of a smear campaign: A gossip website claims that the justice has engaged in a sordid affair with a...ahem...lady of the evening. A call girl, in other words.

This is one of Finder's Nick Heller private eye novels. 

I first became acquainted with Joseph Finder about ten years ago, when I read his corporate conspiracy novels: Paranoia, Company Man, Power Play, and Killer Instinct.

Finder's early work definitely influenced my corporate thriller novel, Termination Man. 

No--I did not steal any of Finder's plots, characters, or setups. Termination Man is one hundred percent my book. (Termination Man is the story of an undercover corporate consultant who specializes in "managing out" problem employees.) 


But I will admit that Finder proved to me that the corporate world really can be a great setting for a thriller. (This is where I'll suggest that if you like Finder's corporate thrillers, you should really download a free sample of Termination Man from Amazon.)

No matter what the HR manual says, there is likely lots of intrigue, greed, and sexual misconduct going on behind the scenes at the big company where you work. 

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