Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New horror novella, 'Luk Thep'

Early last year, I read this article in The Economist, about Thailand's "luk thep" subculture.  

You can read the whole article, but here is the creepiest line in the piece:
Payau’s doll is not a toy but a luk thep, or “child angel” —a factory-moulded moppet which some believe can be imbued, through a blessing, with the spirit of a child. 
Whoa! Mass-produced haunted dolls, in present-day Thailand? I couldn't let that one go...

I knew there was a story in there somewhere, and this is the tale I eventually came up with:

Amazon description:

The ‘luk thep’ are the ‘angel dolls’ or ‘spirit dolls’ of Thailand. Ultra-realistic in appearance, some Thais believe that each doll is infused with the spirit of a prematurely departed child. But are all child spirits benevolent?

Jane Hughes is an American executive who is visiting Thailand for a routine business trip. When she sees her Thai colleague’s ‘luk thep' doll, she has dark premonitions about what is actually inside it. When Jane later receives the same doll as a gift, she begins a ghostly nightmare that will lead to terrifying supernatural encounters on two continents.

*      *      *

Luk Thep is a long novella/short novel of about 44,000 words. You can view a sample online at Amazon, or download a sample to your Kindle.