Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How Ray Bradbury's short fiction predicted the future

An article from The Valdosta Daily Times:

"Reaching back for a Ray Bradbury short-story collection is tempting just to see what the science-fiction author got right. 
In the collection “A Sound of Thunder,” Bradbury was eerie in predicting several aspects of 21st century living. 
For example, he wrote “The Murderer” in 1953 but it could just as easily have been written by an author in 2016 as satire. In “The Murderer,” people constantly receive calls and messages wherever they go. Not on cell phones but via wrist radios. “The Murderer” in the title kills technology that will not leave him alone. "

I've always enjoyed Bradbury; and his short fiction was a major influence on my own short stories--though I don't kid myself that I will ever be as prolific as he was.