Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Just a reminder about my YouTube channel

I regular read from my fiction at my YouTube channelAs of this writing, I've done complete readings for all of Eleven Miles of Night. At the present time I'm reading from 12 Hours of Halloween.

My YouTube readings are chopped up into easily digestible chunks of three to eight minutes, and organized into sequential playlists. 

This may or may not be the best and most convenient way to consume a novel-length work of fiction. I'm realistic about this endeavor: Relatively few readers will want to sit before a computer and listen to an entire novel. But my YouTube readings should, at the very least, provide an ample opportunity for you to sample my books and to determine whether or not a particular piece is what you're looking for.

My philosophy is that fiction writers, like rock bands, should market their material by providing potential readers with lots of free samples. That's what I try to do online, rather than tweeting endlessly about cats and politics, as I noted a few weeks ago.