Thursday, October 6, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: Reading #95:

Terrence pulled into his driveway, eternally grateful that he had not encountered any police during his drive home from the Parrot Inn. How many drinks had he consumed tonight? He wasn't even sure. He had intended to leave—sort of—but it had been so much fun to sit there on that barstool and talk to Riley. She had made him feel like he used to feel during the old days (which were not so long ago, after all; he was only twenty-six), and he had ended up ordering one drink too many. Well, maybe even two drinks too many. But he was home now; and tomorrow morning he would have to report to the feed store. Coyne Feed and Seed was open for business on Saturdays. 
Terrence slouched backward against the seat of the Camaro, staring through the windshield into the woods behind the house. About seven feet off the ground, a pair of red eyes were glaring at him from amid the mass of trees...

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