Sunday, October 2, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: Reading #64:

"..He started down the gravel driveway toward the pay pond’s parking lot. Luckily there was no fence or chain to prevent trespassing. Well, what was there worth stealing here—with the possible exception of a $2.50 fish?    
The total area of the pond would have perhaps equaled a football field, though its shape was irregular, roughly that of a lemon wedge. At various points along the bank there were little fork-shaped wooden stands where customers could place their cane poles and graphite and carbon fiber rods. 

Jason guessed that the pond had closed at dusk. This would mean that people had been fishing here less than two hours ago. In the darkness, however, the pond seemed lonelier than that, as if no humans had walked along these banks for a long, long time..." 

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