Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: Reading #128:

Glenn sighed and squinted into the swollen, luminescent moon overhead. For some reason, the face of the Man in the Moon seemed especially distinct tonight. It was as if the orb were mocking him, somehow taking Terrence’s side. 
The fact was that he was going to do nothing about his infatuation with Bridgette. As Terrence had so indelicately pointed out, Bridgette was already more than spoken for, and she probably wouldn't be interested in him even if that weren’t the case. 
A pair of headlights appeared in the distance and Glenn stepped off the edge of the road and into the grass in plenty of time to let the car pass. There wasn't much traffic, but Route 68 was not a pedestrian thoroughfare, and drivers who took this road at night were seldom alert for a lone walker. Given that this was a Friday night, he could also count on at least some of them being a sheet or two into the wind. The bars in Wagosh and John’s Mistake suffered no shortages of patrons on the weekends. 

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