Monday, October 17, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: Reading #127:

Glenn stared ahead into the darkness of Route 68 as he began the walk back to his trailer. It would not take that long, he knew; and it was not as if Terrence had left him in the middle of downtown Detroit or Chicago. This was familiar territory, a road that both of them had known for their entire lives. 
Nevertheless, the gesture stung of betrayal. What had disturbed him was not really the argument, nor even the physical abandonment. They had had similar blow-ups as far back as junior high, and in the end they had always made up again. That was the way most male friendships worked—arguments over superficial disagreements could be quickly patched over.
But tonight Terrence had made a deliberate effort to sting him at his core, to wound him in his vulnerable spot. Since girls had first become an issue in their early teens, both men had recognized that they were different in that regard: Terrence enjoyed effortless success with women, and he had practically none...

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