Monday, October 17, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: Reading #126:

“Glenn,” Terrence said as calmly as he could. “It ain’t like that. It’s complicated. If you’d ever been married—or at least had a few steady girlfriends along the way—then you’d know that a woman can get on a man’s nerves from time to time. Especially a strong-willed, full-of-herself one like Bridgette. We can talk about this tomorrow. Right now, we need to go after that guy who did this to my face. We’ve got to show him that he can’t come in here and do stuff like that—”
“Like hell I will!” Glenn shouted back. “If I’d been there, I would have done the same thing to you!”
“You’re going to sit there and honestly tell me that you’d take some woman’s side over your best friend? Tell me, Glenn, what the hell has Bridgette ever done for you?” 
“I’m not going to go rough up some guy I don’t know because he was defending Bridgette when you were hitting her!”

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