Thursday, October 13, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: Reading #116:

Without bothering to give a signal, Terrence made an abrupt turn into the driveway of the place that Glenn rented, a doublewide trailer on a lot along Route 68. His friend had been waiting for him, the door of the trailer opened almost immediately as Terrence put the Camaro in park. 
Terrence stepped out of the Camaro. He left the engine running; he did not plan to linger here at Glenn’s house. Either his friend would agree to accompany him or wouldn't. In either case, he wasn't going to stand around and shoot the breeze while the wuss was making his escape. If Glenn couldn't be persuaded to go along with him, he would track down the young man and take care of him by himself. For a second he considered the possibility of ramming the wuss with the Camaro, and he wondered if he was prepared to take things that far.

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