Thursday, October 13, 2016

Eleven Miles of Night: Reading #115:

Terrence Coyne was determined to commit murder this night—if not the literal, genuine act of homicide, then something very close to it. Before this night was over, the wuss with the backpack was going to pay. This was the impromptu name that he had assigned to the young man who had barged into his private marital discussion with Bridgette, and then sucker-punched him while he was still drunk. The young man with the backpack had not fought like a man.
Terrence’s jaw ached from the spot where the wuss had landed his first punch. His nose was a mess; and he suspected that it might be broken. Any medical care would have to wait until morning, though. Terrence had a hunch that the wuss did not make his home in or around Wagosh, nor anywhere in Carey County. He was an out-of-towner for sure. Terrence had at least a passing acquaintance with almost everyone in his age group within the immediate area, and he was certain that he had never laid eyes on his assailant before tonight...

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