Sunday, September 18, 2016

Notes for new Twitter followers (and those considering following me)

(For regular readers of my blog: This will be a pinned tweet for my Twitter feed).

1.) You may not know who I am. I’m a writer, mostly of genre fiction. I write supernatural thrillers, crime fiction, and adventure tales. At present, I'm best known for the supernatural thriller Eleven Miles of Night. 

2.) For me, social media is all about stories, as that's what I do. I mostly use social media (YouTube, Facebook, my blog, and Twitter) to get my stories “out there” in the world. I use social media, in other words, to serialize my novels and short stories for an online audience.

3.) I do make occasional posts about writing, publishing, and related items. But most of my social media presence is dedicated to storytelling, and to introducing readers to my stories. If you follow me, you’ll mostly get serialized fiction.

4.) This means that I don’t post much in the way of standard social media stuff: cat pictures, political screeds, or ‘memes’. (I’m too busy writing stories.) 

5.) As noted above, I don't take much part in the back-and-forth social media debates about politics, etc. This doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to hear from you, though! I’m reasonably responsive on Twitter, as well as on my blog, YouTube, and Facebook. 

6.) I post/tweet multiple story/blog updates each day. Mine is an active Twitter feed.

7.) I would love to have you as a Twitter follower. But even if you decide not to join me on Twitter, you'll still be welcome here at my blog, or on my YouTube channel.) 

*     *    *

So now you know what I do on social media in general, and on Twitter in particular. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for following me!