Wednesday, May 11, 2016

'Blood Flats', the YouTube reading, Episode #1


Welcome to Blood Flats. This is the about video.

Blood Flats is a novel about a young ex-marine named Lee McCabe who is framed for a narcotics-related double homicide that he didn't commit.

The story is set in the latter years of the last decade, in rural Kentucky.

Lee gets into trouble right away. When he happens upon the aftermath of the story's opening murder, he effectively incriminates himself by running from the local police.

But Lee has his reasons: The local sheriff bears a grudge against Lee, for reasons that have nothing to do with the crime at hand.

Blood Flats is a crime novel, but I think you'll find that there is more going on here as well. Blood Flats is a story about the decline of much of rural America, due to a diminishing manufacturing base, and a rampant narcotics epidemic. Blood Flats is also a story about how the individual mistakes made by members of one generation can affect the members of the next one.

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