Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Madness: 'The Maze': FREE March 30th and 31st

I’m the last person to dispense wisdom about NCAA college basketball; but I’m closing out March with another form of March madness: a novel giveway!

The Maze is a fantasy novel unlike any other.

It begins in an office in Ohio, with three corporate employees who might remind you of yourself, and one or two of your coworkers….

During a sales call to the Lakeview Towers office complex, they step through a portal into The Maze, a parallel world of killer robots, half-human, half-wolf beasts, giant birds, and much, much more…

Sample reader reviews:

“Loved it from the minute I started reading it. Definitely recommend.” reader
“Trimnell has created something unique here. The Maze is part dark fantasy, part science fiction, part business novel. It also has very believable characters. This book drew me in from the start.” book description:


Amanda Kearns is a hard-driving executive with a broken heart. Her male subordinates think she is a “machine”; they have no idea of the real, hidden Amanda.

Hugh Jackson is a software salesman with a defective heart—a condition that will kill him in a matter of months or years.

Evan Daley is a young college graduate adrift in a career for which he is ill-suited; he struggles with the scars of a barren, loveless childhood.

Amanda, Hugh, and Evan were expecting another routine day on the job at the Lakeview Towers office complex just outside Columbus, Ohio. But this massive structure hides a secret—a hidden passageway that plunges the unwary into a labyrinthine network of endless, twisting hallways: the Maze.

Trapped inside the Maze, Amanda, Hugh, and Evan must battle their way through perilous corridors filled with half-man, half-wolf beasts called “manwolves”, killer robots, and demonic wraiths known as “watchers”.

But they face their greatest challenge in the snowy, earth-like wilderness on the other side of the Maze. Here a group of ragtag rebels and settlers struggle against a tyrannical demigod known as the Director. The Director is determined to enslave or annihilate everyone within his reach, using a combination of worldly and unworldly weapons.

Amanda, Hugh, and Evan each find love and momentary comfort on the other side of the Maze. But they cannot escape the ultimate battle with the Director. The three Ohioans find themselves forced to choose—between the draw of love and loyalty, and the instinct for self-preservation.

A riveting emotional tale wrapped within a fantasy adventure, THE MAZE is sure to appeal to adult readers who fondly recall childhood “parallel universe” stories like “Through the Looking Glass” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

FREE 2 days only! March 30th and 31st!