Monday, February 15, 2016

Blood Flats FREE on Kindle February 16th!

Selected reader reviews:

“This is one of those stories that really rewards the reader for making it to the very end. Overall, it's an action packed, thrill ride that takes you from the hills and hollers of the backwoods into the sprawling cities and back.”

“A combination of Stephen Hunter, Lee Child, and Charles Dickens.”

“Action-packed thrill ride!”


Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Lee McCabe has been framed for a brutal drug-related murder that he didn't commit.

Pursued from all directions, Lee will embark on a cross-country journey toward the town of Blood Flats. 

There he will face a showdown---in which he must pit his wits and determination against the ruthlessness and superior resources of his enemies...on both sides of the law.

Get it for FREE, February 16th only!

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