Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why yes, Shakespeare is still relevant

Although I would have added some additional points to Professor Helga Duncan’s three reasons, her piece deserves note.

It is gratifying, in these politically correct times of dumbing down education, to see an educator who is not attempting…to dumb things down.

For starters, I would add that Shakespeare had a tremendous range: King Lear is a very different play from As You Like It

Read Shakespeare, and you can't help but appreciate the breadth of his knowledge, and his mastery of a wide variety of human emotions, motivations, and personality types.

I would also add that Professor Duncan teaches at a small Catholic college, rather than one of the highly overrated and self-important Ivy League schools. 

That could be one reason why she chose to write about something worthwhile, versus say, trigger warnings or similar nonsense. 

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