Sunday, March 13, 2016

5-star horror in Kindle Unlimited

I've entered my Ohio horror novel, Eleven Miles of Night, in Kindle Unlimited, so you can now read it there for free if you are a subscriber to that service. Otherwise, you can obtain the Kindle version the usual way. (It's dirt-cheap.)

I entered the book in Kindle Unlimited for the next three months so, quite frankly, more readers would be exposed to it. 

As one Amazon reviewer wrote:

"This was one of the most gripping horror books I have ever read, and it will be one I keep on hand to re-read again and again. I was literally hooked after the first chapter. The story line was original, the characters believable, and the ending unexpected. For anyone who is looking for a fast-paced story for a dark and rainy night, THIS is the one!"

So...what are you waiting for? There are now multiple ways for you to get Eleven Miles of Night on your Kindle, smart phone or tablet, for less than you would spend on a super-latte-grande at Starbucks. 

And unlike that super-latte-grande, Eleven Miles of Night will thrill you for hours, and remain with you long afterward.

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