Friday, September 11, 2015

The best home for the Syrian refugees?

Suppose that, for one reason or another, it became necessary to relocate thousands of people from Canada.

Would it make more sense to relocate them to the United States, where they would encounter a familiar culture and the same language... or would it make more sense to send them to Mexico, where they would be familiar with neither the language nor the culture?

Or even better yet: Why not send them to Russia? Or China? Why not send them to Pakistan, while we’re at it?

Oh, that would be stupid, you'd say. Counterintuitive and inefficient, at the very least. And you'd be absolutely right.

It seems axiomatic that when people are displaced from their homes by war, famine, etc. and are forced to relocate, the best transition (for the refugees as well as the host country) results when there is the closest match of language, culture, etc.

Why then, are thousands of Syrian refugees been relocated in Europe, of all places, when there are so many affluent Arabic-speaking countries right there in the Middle East?

I am talking, of course, about Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, and the other Gulf States. These nations are Arabic-speaking (as is Syria). They are predominantly Muslim (adherents of other faiths are jailed, beaten, expelled, or beheaded, in the case of Saudi Arabia). They’re also rich, and sparsely populated. Saudi Arabia isn’t Hong Kong.

But the Syrian refugees are streaming to…Europe.

This is nothing new. The Arab Gulf States can't be bothered to take in refugees, even ones from other Arab countries.

Likewise, they don’t love the Palestinians nearly as much as they hate Israel. The Gulf States have no problem funding anti-Israeli terrorism, but they can't be bothered to take in Palestinian refugees. Not in our backyard, insha Allah.

Such is the logic of the Muslim Middle East, and those enablers in the West who believe that everybody who is afflicted for whatever reason anywhere should automatically seek a home in either North America or Western Europe.

Why?  Because other countries, well…they just can’t be bothered with such things.