Thursday, September 24, 2015

Serial fiction changes: publisher discussions

As regular readers of this blog will know, I've recently been serializing two of my independently published novels, 12 Hours of Halloween and Termination Man, on this site.

That worked fine as long as I had complete control of the rights. However, I'm now engaged in discussions with a publisher for both of these books. One of the ground rules of the negotiations is that I can't serialize the content online for free. Sorry!

If either book interests you, you can still get them both from Amazon. Yes, I know I'd promised to offer them here for free...but the situation has changed. 

Don't worry, though: I've got something even better for you free readers out there, as you'll see below.

In other words, all is not lost!

Two points:

1.) I'll leave up what I've already posted. I don't think I've posted more than about 10%~20% of either novel thus far. In other words, the serialized content amounts to no more than a large sample of either book. 

Earlier this summer, I also serialized the complete text of the short story "Hay Moon", from the collection published under that name. There are no plans to remove the "Hay Moon" text from the site. 

(If, however, you enjoyed the story, I would encourage you to consider the complete collection, Hay Moon and Other Stories: Sixteen Modern Tales of Horror and Suspense.) 

But here is the big announcement:

2.) Several new made-for-the-Internet serial projects are coming: While the response to the serialized novels has been positive, I believe that serialized fiction should be written in a certain way, based on its intended means of publication. (If you've read any of the serialized novels of the 19th century, you'll know exactly what I mean.) I've always had mixed feelings about throwing the content of a novel online in arbitrary chunks and calling it serial fiction. 

With that in mind, I've been working on at least two new online serial fiction projects, the first of which will appear here shortly. Since this work is not (yet) under contract, I'll be able to offer it here free of charge.

More on this soon. In the meantime, I'll point you to several novels on Amazon that you might be interested in if you were following either 12 Hours of Halloween or Termination Man. (And if you want to see all of my available fiction, visit

For readers of 12 Hours of Halloween:

Eleven Miles of Night
This is a novel about a haunted road in Ohio. I actually scared myself while writing several chapters of this book.

For readers of Termination Man:

Our House
A suburban thriller (not a paranormal novel) about a dream house that comes with some horrible secrets.

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