Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More zombies from AMC

We can’t get enough zombies, can we? Fear the Walking Dead is another AMC production. It will be a prequel to the popular The Walking Dead.

More of the same? Well, yes and no.

I’ve seen the previews of Fear the Walking Dead, and it promises to contain much that is new and different.

As a prequel, it takes place in the early days of the zombie outbreak. (The Walking Dead is almost entirely focused on the aftermath of the zombocalypse.)

The Walking Dead is filmed and set in rural and suburban Georgia, after most people are dead. The new show is set in Los Angeles, while most of the population is still alive (though soon to be zombified).

Los Angeles can be chaotic enough without a zombie outbreak. Imagine America’s second largest city during the early days of a zombie outbreak, while society is imploding.

I anticipate lots of storylines that simply wouldn't have been possible under the framework of The Walking Dead.

The new show premiers on August 23rd. And yes, I will be watching.