Sunday, July 19, 2015 the unstoppable force

It is fashionable in some publishing and writing circles nowadays to be anti-Amazon.

Most criticism of Amazon is based on the fact that Amazon, unlike the majority of New York publishing firms and corner bookshops, understands economics and enterprise management as well as books.

And this is a boon to readers—who benefit from Amazon’s lower prices, larger selection, and online convenience.

You can always romanticize the corner bookstore, with its small selection of books, full retail prices, and limited hours. That is your prerogative, of course.

But the fact remains that Amazon has built a better mousetrap, and Amazon is not going away.

Yes, it would be desirable to see more competition, so that Amazon does not monopolize the book retailing market.

But that competition will ultimately come from another Amazon-like book retailer, not from the corner bookstore.

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