Sunday, June 7, 2015

Announcing ""

I've recently created a new author website,

A dedicated "author corporate presence" site was long overdue, now that I have six novels and one collection of short stories on the market. 

The volume of fiction samples and promotional content that I need to post online in order to properly market my novels and short story collections has simply outgrown the blog. 

I know that the audience here is mainly interested in nonfiction content, and a sudden, huge post containing novel sample chapters can interrupt the flow. 

So will this change what I do here at One Word a Day with Ed Trimnell

Yes and no. I will probably always make relevant book announcements here. But now that I have the other site, the emphasis here will shift. 

A fairly static author site wouldn't be a good vehicle for blogging about time-sensitive topics. In the same way, a dynamic blog isn't the best vehicle for hosting sample chapters of a novel. 

For each venue, its proper purpose.

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