Friday, May 15, 2015

"An army of exorcists"?

Whatever you believe, this is an interesting development.

“The Vatican are training up ordinary doctors, teachers and psychologists to cope with a rising tide of demonic possessions.

More than 40 years after The Exorcist left cinema audiences green, the Vatican has gathered a team of experts including practising exorcists to give ordinary Catholics the tools needed to recognise a case of demonic possession when they see one – and teach them what to do about it.”

An important point made in the article is that skepticism is built into the church’s process. The vast majority of people who believe they are suffering from demonic possession are actually suffering from mental illness, a physical ailment, or severe stress. (An overactive imagination is another possibility, of course.) Even from the Catholic Church’s perspective, demonic possession is a rare phenomenon, and should only be seriously considered after other, more prosaic factors are ruled out.

Nevertheless, there is a predictable number of readers who use the comments section of the article to proclaim their superiority over anyone who believes in "any of that religious stuff".

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