Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Haunted roads in New Jersey..and Eleven Miles of Night

For a small state, New Jersey seems to have a lot of ghosts, and many of them haunt the state’s roads and highways. One of these is the Parkway Phantom, which reportedly haunts the Garden State Parkway.

The Parkway Phantom has been seen by New Jersey travelers almost since the highway was completed in 1955. (There are newspaper accounts dating back to 1959.) According to witness descriptions, the Parkway Phantom is a very tall ghost clad in a belted topcoat. The Parkway Phantom isn’t very threatening—mostly it just waves its arms. The Parkway Phantom appears at various times of the night, and always in the vicinity of a Toms River Barracks of the New Jersey State Police.

While the Parkway Phantom is a distinctive ghost, there are numerous similar highway ghosts in the Garden State. According to

“New Jersey motorists have been reporting roadside apparitions and highway ghosts like the Parkway Phantom for decades, the ghosts apparently having no choice but to wander the area of road where their death occurred. Perhaps they don’t realize, or understand, that their turn at life has come to a traumatic halt, and no matter how much they wave and try to flag down the help of passing New Jersey motorists, their transition to ghost has put hope out of reach.”
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