Monday, February 16, 2015

Is the Amazon series ‘Bosch’ authentic?

I’ve watched the Amazon series. While Bosch is a worthwhile series in its own right, it does take some notable departures from the Harry Bosch novels of Michael Connelly.

Perhaps the most significant departure is generational. The Harry Bosch of Michael Connelly’s novels is a 60-something Baby Boomer and a Vietnam vet.

The Harry Bosch of the Amazon series is a much younger man—a 40-something veteran of the recent military engagements in the Middle East.

I can understand why this decision was made. The Harry Bosch (fiction) series is now as mature as its lead character. When Michael Connelly wrote the first Bosch novel in the early 1990s, Harry Bosch was a relatively youngish man in his early middle-age prime.

Michael Connelly has clearly had to struggle with Harry’s age in recent novels in the series. He now has Bosch working for the LAPD on a post-retirement extended contract; and I’ve speculated that he may be grooming Bosch’s daughter Maddie to take over the “family business”.

On the other hand, the Amazon series is brand new, and the producers didn't want to begin a new series with a character who is already past retirement age. Again, perfectly understandable.

And the Amazon series is, once again, pretty darn good. But the Bosch of Bosch isn’t the Bosch of Michael Connelly’s novels--though they could plausibly be related.