Monday, February 9, 2015

After high school, the world

15-year-old Noa Mintz made the difficult decision to hire a CEO to run her growing business, “Nannies by Noa”.

Why? She was putting in 40 hours per week at the business, and was (justifiably) concerned that her entrepreneurial endeavor would interfere with high school.

Noa started her three-year-old business just before entering the 7th grade. Nannies by Noa is a New York-based nanny referral agency. According to CNN, the business had 190 clients as of January 2015.

The same article reported that Noa had some parental help.

“Like any minor,” CNN reported, “Mintz has had to lean on her parents for some help. Her father -- who runs a private equity firm -- is the registered owner of her business. He's helped front money for legal fees but says he fully expects a "return on investment" as with any business venture.”

When I was in junior high, I would have had no concept of entrepreneurship. (I did mow lawns for spending money, but that was about it.)

Two lessons here: First, children don’t have to waste their time on frivolous pursuits.

And secondly: If there is such a thing as “privilege” in America today—it isn’t the privilege of race (as in “white privilege”). It is the privilege of being blessed with engaged, educated, and reasonably affluent parents—of any race, creed, or ethnicity.