Thursday, October 16, 2014

The next generation of WWII novels

Most of the great World War II novels (think King Rat by James Clavell and From Here to Eternity by James Jones) were written by veterans of that conflict.

Richard Flanagan, at 53, wasn't born yet when WWII ended, though he's written a prize-winning novel about the Second World War.

I was fortunate enough to know many WWII vets over my lifetime. (My grandfather served in the North Atlantic.)

Unfortunately and inevitably, the Greatest Generation is passing from the scene. They probably won't be writing many more novels. 

Which means that subsequent novels about "the Good War" will have to be written by people who have learned about the war from second- or third-hand sources. 

The WWII generation may be passing into history, but there are still plenty of good stories to tell about WWII.

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