Sunday, September 14, 2014

New book: Our House

Our House is finally available for sale at Amazon, and I'm happy to report that it has already started selling. (The first copies sold within an hour of it going "live", in fact.)

Now that this one is out of the way, it's on to several other projects--and hopefully some more blog posts here!

Book description:

Some dream homes are deadly…Appearances can be deceiving.

On the surface, 34-year-old Jennifer Huber seems to have it all: a handsome, loving husband, a six-year-old son whom they both adore. A respectable job.

Jennifer and her husband have just purchased their first house: The neo-Tudor house at 1120 Dunham drive appears to be their “dream home”.

But everything is not what it seems: The previous owner of the house has an unusual—and ultimately violent—attachment to the house. After the Hubers move in, sinister things begin to happen: Dead animals appear in closets, strange figures disturb the Hubers’ sleep in the middle of the night.

There is more to the house at 1120 Dunham Drive than meets the eye: As Jennifer uncovers the secrets behind the home’s history, she finds herself drawn into a web of lies, violence, and sexual betrayal.

All the while, Jennifer struggles to contain a secret of her own—and to combat an act of blackmail that could destroy her marriage.

From the author of the crime novel Blood Flats, and the horror novel Eleven Miles of Night, ‘Our House’ is a riveting thrill ride through the dark undercurrents that might lie beneath the placid surface of a suburb near you.

*       *       *

As is generally my habit, I'll be posting a sizable preview portion of the book here (probably the first ten chapters or so.) 

In the meantime, you can feel free to use the various sampling mechanisms on Amazon. (I believe that the "Try it free" button allows you to download the first 10% of the book at no charge.) 

I recommend that you do this, in fact, because although I am sure that Our House is going to be one of your top ten thriller/mystery reads ever, there is no reason why you should take me--or any other author--on blind faith. 

That's what all those Amazon preview functions are for, after all.

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