Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Writers with multiple personalities

I have a lot of interests--which accounts for the many different books I've written.

Still, I've often wondered if I diversify too much.

I blog here about politics and cultural issues. 

I've written a number of nonfiction books on various topics, including foreign languages, history, and business.

And, of course, there are my novels. Even there I branch out a bit. Eleven Miles of Night is a horror novel (and a scary one too, I think). Termination Man is a corporate thriller. Blood Flats is a Southern crime novel.

After reading JA Konrath's blog today, I no longer feel any guilt about my diversification.

I've long known that JA Konrath writes horror fiction under the pen name Jack Kilborn. No big deal: horror fiction and crime fiction are both genre fiction. There should be some overlap in their readership, but it still arguably makes sense for Konrath to separately "brand" each set of books.

Today I learned that Konrath has yet another sideline: He writes erotica under the pen name Melinda Duchamp. (That pen name probably makes a better brand than one attached to the middle-aged male Konrath.)

No: I don't intend to follow Konrath's example. Don't look for 50 Shades of Termination Man. I know my limitations. 

But I now realize that my diversification is minor and very manageable, at least compared to Konrath's. 

Furthermore, as Konrath states:

“Self-publishing has given writers an unprecedented opportunity. We can be whomever we want to be, write whatever we want to write, reinvent ourselves as often as we want to.”
I can certainly agree with that.

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