Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Student crowdfunds $40K in tuition

And no--this probably isn't a viable option for you. The young woman featured in the story faces not only high tuition costs, but an unusual and tragic set of family circumstances:

"A far north suburban college student is cashing in on the generosity of strangers to help get her through college. After coming up $25,000 short for tuition, Cassie Wessely turned to social media. 
 Cassie Wessely, 19, of Third Lake successfully completed her freshman year at Vanderbilt University despite losing her mother to suicide three weeks before she went off to college and her father losing his job. In dire straits about how she was going to pay for her sophomore year after her financial aid was canceled, the biomedical engineering student got creative. 
 She called her donation page "Please help me stay at Vanderbilt University." Her goal was $25,000 and 24 hours after sharing her story on the GoFundMe website, she reached it. Four days later, people have donated more than $40,000."