Saturday, July 12, 2014

From a James Patterson novel

The sordid, tragic story of Alix Tichelman and Forrest Hayes reminds me a bit of the James Patterson novel, Honeymoon--which is about a woman who marries rich men and surreptitiously murders them.

Forrest Hayes, 51, died from a lethal overdose of heroin, which he (voluntarily, by the looks of it) received while in the company of Alix Tichelman, 26. 

Hayes was a married, father-of-five Google executive. Tichelman is a sort-of prostitute who meets men on various hook-up and "sugar daddy" websites. 

It is unclear whether Tichelman will be charged with second degree murder or manslaughter.  

By all the available evidence, Tichelman has a sociopathic streak. But explain to me why a 51-year-old man (who apparently wasn't a complete idiot) would use heroin under any circumstances at all--much less during an adulterous tryst with a sociopathic call girl.

I'm not saying that Hayes deserved what he got; but this was clearly a case of a man whose judgment was fatally clouded by a severe case of midlife crisis--or something.